Saturday, February 6, 2016

Preparing for College Workshop (FREE) Grades 8-12 April 12th

Preparing for College Workshop-MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!!!!!! GRADES 8-12 Notice from Career Coach, Kim Benson
 Countdown to College Workshop for April 12.

The event will be a county-wide event and will be held at Clanton Performance Arts Center(Jeff State).  The event will be for 8th - 12th grade students and their parents.

Summary of the workshop:
The workshop is conducted by Potential Magazine and educates parents and 8th - 12th
grade students about the college admissions process, scholarship opportunities and information to help students prepare during their high school years for graduation and beyond.

The Countdown-to-College Workshop is a moderated panel format with representatives from 3-5 colleges and universities.  The 90-minute workshop will cover insight into the college admissions process, scholarship opportunities for students, 10 tips to earn scholarships, full understanding of the 3 areas that ACT scores impact, ACT/SAT tips for improving scores, encouragement that practice and studying produces results, impacts of different real-life scenarios (missing deadlines, changing your mind, etc), benefits of community college attendance and dual-enrollment, and importance of FAFSA and ways you can prepare your family finances to maximize your awards.

(This will be a DYNAMIC opporutnity.  Mrs. Cochran has seen this panel, and it is EXCELLENT!!!!!)

Kim Benson
Career Coach
LeCroy Career Technology Center

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