Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jefferson State Community College Enrollment Info (10th-12th Grade)

Greetings from Jefferson State Community College,

We are excited about the upcoming Spring 2016 semester for our Dual Enrollment students.  In preparation for Spring 2016, we wanted to make sure that you had all the information that you need to get your students admitted and enrolled.  There have been a few updates to our policies, see the list below.

Policy Updates
·        Students continuing in Dual Enrollment within the same academic year (i.e. Fall 2016 to Spring 2016) do not have to complete a new application or resubmit their a picture ID.  *New students must submit an application and all required documents (see attached checklist).
·        Continuing students will still need to complete a new signature page (see attached) for the Spring 2016 semester and provide an updated high school transcript if GPA is recalculated from Fall to Spring.
·        Test scores, such as ACT or our COMPASS placement, are required for ALL 12th grade Dual Enrollment students.
·        Students in 10th and 11th grade are only required to submit test scores if they are taking a course that requires placement, such as English or math (see attached checklist).
·        Online applications are preferred.

Attached is a checklist that provides additional information on what is required for Dual Enrollment admissions.  Please note that we need class rosters from the high school to register the students for their Dual Enrollment courses. 

Spring 2016 courses begin on January 6, 2016, and we would like to have all students registered and paid for their Dual Enrollment courses prior to this date.  Please return all required documents to us as soon as possible, Monday, December 21, 2015 at the latest.  We are happy to assist with document collection and can come by to visit your high school.  Please provide advance notice to allow for scheduling.

Please feel free to call me with any questions!   - Mrs. Cochran (280-2822)

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