Sunday, November 29, 2015

Auburn Updates

I have several updates that I wanted to share with you in case it’s beneficial to any of your students.

As a part of the on campus housing application; student can list one roommate. We just found out that housing will be using the earliest date between roommate’s housing applications. In the years past they have used the latest date between the two students.

College of Agriculture:
Some of your students could have received an invitation to the College of Agriculture’s minority event scheduled for December 2nd. I have attached the forms to this email, and the deadline to signup is November 20th (this Friday). Sounds like a great event, and they are awarding a $1,000 scholarship at the end of the event!

College of Veterinary Medicine:
The College of Veterinary Medicine has an open house scheduled for April 16th. The website does not have additional information posted yet, but questions can be directed to 334/844-2497.

As you know; decisions have been very competitive this year. If you have a student who was deferred in November (their status says, “file still under review”), please have them reach out to me so that I can assist with their application. If they were deferred, please remind them that the reviewing committee wants to see something new in their file before the next round. We have decisions on December 15th, and on February 15th.

If you have a student with a 34 ACT or above, they MUST fill out our one scholarship application called AUSOM by December 1st in order to be eligible for the Plainsman Prestigious Scholarships. February 10th is still the deadline for all academic, departmental, and general scholarships.
*To read more about Plainsman Prestigious -

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