Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alabama Auburn Sock/Coloring Book Drive to benefit local groups

Starting Friday, the Be There Club will be sponsoring a Sock Drive (to benefit Son Light) and Coloring Books and /or Crayons Drive (to benefit Project Fresh Start).  There are 2 ways that you can help these organizations...

1.  Donate socks (unused) on behalf of Alabama or Coloring Books/Crayons for Auburn.  Bins will be available in the main office and at the game Friday.  Each item counts towards the total counts for Alabama/Auburn.  (example PAIR of socks or box of crayons)

2.  Purchase an Alabama or Auburn football cutout for $1 that will be posted in the entryway of VHS.  All money from these footballs will go to these two organizations listed above for their outreach programs.  You can write your name and team on the football if you like...   :)

The fun part:
Mrs. White will represent Alabama and Mr. Mann will represent Auburn.  The team representative with the most footballs will PIE the other in the face!  More details soon.

The drive will ONLY last until Thanksgiving break.  Please help us with this worthwhile cause!

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