Sunday, October 4, 2015

Smith Scholarship Deadlines

Please make note of the following if you have started working on this scholarship (or need to start!)

The Smith Scholarship Foundation Application has new deadlines for submission:

Part I                          December 5, 2015 – Student Information and Financial Aid Registration

Part II                        January 15, 2016 – Essays, Volunteer Work, Letters of Recommendation

Please note that a two-part deadline will be used for applications.  Part I requires submission of student information and includes the requirement that students apply to 3 other scholarships.  This new requirement has been added to encourage students to apply for scholarships at Colleges and Universities as well as government and financial sponsored programs with early deadlines.

Part II includes applicant’s essays, volunteer work and letters of recommendation.

Please apply as soon as possible. 

Additional information can be obtained by visiting our website at

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