Monday, May 25, 2015

UA Early College

Before the end of the year, our students had the opportunity to meet with Claire Harris from UA Early College.  Please see the new information below.  Feel free to call with any questions! (280-2822)

Good morning!

With the recent revision in awarding dual credit for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the state of Alabama, we wanted you to send you some information about how your students can earn dual credit through UA Early College.

UA Early College now offers a literature component with English to fulfill the state requirement.

EN 101 + literature component = Junior year English
EN 102 + literature component = Senior year English
HY 103 = Sophomore year History
HY 104 = Junior year History

We also offer a wealth of courses to fulfill foreign language, math, and elective high school credits. Some schools plan to transcript the UAEC 200: Gateway course as elective credit and to fulfill their CRIs.

FYI, Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may complete the 4 week UAEC 200: Gateway course during the summer to be prepared for dual credit during their sophomore, junior, or senior year in high school and will be considered a UA Early College student through the summer following their high school graduation.  We have deadlines coming up on June 2 to begin a mid-June Gateway course and July 6 to begin a mid-July Gateway course.

Our website is: or students and parents can email their questions to

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