Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chilton County Career Fair - Seniors

Seniors and their parents are invited to the Chilton County Career Fair on Thursday, September 11 at Jefferson State Community College in Clanton.  Students will be transported by bus at 7:45, so please be on time.  Parents please meet us at the career fair.  Our designated start time is 8:15.  We will have a brief meeting in the auditorium before we can begin to visit the booths.  After the career fair, we will stop by Peach Park for lunch (and ice cream)!  Students need to bring money for whatever they want to eat.  We will return in time for the trade school students to make the bus.
This year, each student will be assigned an ipad to use for our Career Fair Scavenger Hunt.  From all of the students who complete all of the items, one student's name will be drawn for free ice cream at Peach Park!

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