Monday, April 22, 2013


Testing this year will be May 7th-May 13th.  Don't forget these important dates!  
This month, Grades 4-6 have been reviewing testing strategies for the ARMT+.  The 6th Grade in particular made posters with different testing strategies for the 3rd Graders, who have not tested before.  These posters will be posted in the 6th Grade hall after their lesson!  They have done a great job!

Here are some important things to remember about testing:
Please have your child at school ON TIME.  If they are late, they are not allowed to enter the testing room and will have to wait.  This means that they will have to take a makeup exam in the afternoon.
With that being said...please have them at school!  :)  If your child has to be out, they will take a makeup exam when they return.

Have a healthy breakfast!  Testing can sometimes take a long time...a healthy breakfast helps you to think clearly and do your best.

SLEEP!  Please make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time.  Our brains work best when we have plenty of sleep to repair and replenish for the day. 

Encourage them to do their best...
Testing can be stressful.  If they learn now how to relax and do their best, it will help them keep calm in the future!

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